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No matter which industry we look at, employees’ health has a huge impact on performance and productivity in almost any job. This in turn has an impact on the companies’ performance as well. After all, employees that are fit will be able to contribute in a better capacity, and will also need lesser downtime from work. It wouldn’t be a stretch to then say that an organization’s success is closely linked to the health of its workforce.

It is indeed heartening to see employers across diverse industries recognizing this, and making pre employment health checks a mandatory part of their screening process before hiring any candidate. Not only does this allow for a detailed understanding of the prospective employee’s health suitability for the role, but it also helps minimize chances of injury when it comes to physical, environmental or situational risks.

The Most Common Parameters tested during Pre Employment Medical Tests in Melbourne

There are some common aspects which are a standard part of these medical examinations. These include:

  • Medical History, to ascertain and rule out any past or likely health conditions that could impact performance and safety
  • General Medical Examination, to check for a candidate’s BMI, cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Vision Check, to check for strength of vision, colour blindness or other sight issues
  • Audiometry Test, to check for hearing ability or hearing loss
  • Urinalysis, to determine the presence of diabetes or kidney/bladder disorders
  • Alcohol / Drug Tests, to measure alcohol or illicit drug concentration in the blood
  • Functional Assessments as per the job role
  • Immunizations, to reduce or prevent the likelihood of infections

This being said, we are also able to customize the health assessment parameters for specific job roles, as need be.

Top 5 Benefits of a Pre Employment Health Check in Melbourne

1. Hiring the Right Candidate

Merely looking at a prospect’s skills and prior work experience is not enough, it is also important to check a candidate’s physical and mental compatibility for the role. An unsuitable candidate could pose a safety risk to himself, other team members and even the company at large, and this can be greatly minimized with a pre employment medical test.

2. Reduction in Workplace Risks

Having a clear understanding of the physical capabilities of team members will also help in better job allocation, and minimizing the associated safety risks for both the employee and others. Moreover, this could also help your company meet the safety requirements as mandated for your industry.

3. Higher Productivity

A healthy employee will be in a better position to contribute to the company’s growth, as compared to someone who might need frequent absence to tend to health issues or injuries. Also, pre-identifying potential health concerns allows both the employer and the company to be able to better manage it.

4. Reduction of Long Term Health Related Expenses

Specific functional assessments are a great way to find the right fit, and significantly reduce the chances of injury during work. This in turn will help the company to reduce, and maybe even avoid compensation claims and insurance costs due to work related injury and disease, or work related mental disorders.

5. Improved Company Image

Investing time, efforts and resources towards the health of your prospective and current employees demonstrates care and concern on the company’s behalf. It would show that profits aren’t the only things that matter. Moreover, it also serves as an enticement to attract the best talent that looks for more than just a paycheck.

As you would agree, a pre employment health check can be a win-win for both the employer and the candidates. Apart from employers getting the most suitable candidate, the candidates can benefit by ruling out jobs that could pose a health risk for them. We offer comprehensive pre employment medical checks at our Melbourne clinic, for large, medium and small businesses. We can tailor these tests to be more specific depending on the industry you are in. Connect with us to know more.