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Travel medicine or vaccinations, in general, are typically the best way you can protect yourself when travelling to a foreign country. 

While you might adequately prepare your gears or a list of activities, it is also important to assess your health risks, especially when travelling to an area where infectious diseases are present.  

Our Travel Medicine Services 

  • Comprehensive travel medicine service with vaccinations and international immunisation certificates
  • Travel advice and education specific to your place of travel
  • Prescribe medications relevant to your destination
  • Checking immunisation to avoid repeats
  • Consultation to all types of travellers 
  • Overseas visa immunisation
  • Post-travel assistance

Health Risks of Overseas Travel 

  • Limited access to clean water, shelter, medical facilities, emergency medicine
  • Duration of exposure to hazardous environment during travel
  • Itinerary and activities planned as part of the trip/vacation
  • Physical, environmental and biological hazards
  • Pregnant women, infants and young children
  • Altitude and temperature of the destinations
  • Consumption of high-risk food and drinks
  • The traveller’s current health condition

What to bring to your consultation

You can make the most out of your travel vaccination consultation by planning ahead. 

If possible, bring details of the following when meeting our doctors; 

  • Past immunisation history
  • Itinerary
  • Dates you are travelling away
  • Any challenging or out-of-the-way accommodation you may be staying in
  • Any special activities (skiing, surfing, etc.)

We recommend you book an appointment with our doctors at least 4 to 6 weeks before your travel. This will give you the time to obtain all the necessary vaccinations and receive practical advice for staying well while you are overseas. Moreover, some vaccines require a course for adequate immunity. 

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