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When it comes to prevention and early detection of diseases, men’s health often takes a back seat. It is not uncommon for men to ignore worrying health concerns, and fail to visit their GP regularly. This might partly explain why on average, Australian men live 4.2 years shorter than Australian women

For instance, some leading causes of death among Australian men include cardiovascular disease, undiagnosed diabetes, lung cancer and prostate cancer, all of which are worsened by modifiable risk factors. 

But the good news is; these risk factors can be well assessed and managed with awareness and regular checkups at your local men’s clinic in Melbourne. Changing some lifestyle habits, such as seeing a doctor regularly not only gives the opportunity for prevention but also early intervention.

That is why, at South Melbourne Medical Hub, we take a comprehensive approach to men’s healthcare, meaning assessing all aspects of health from cancer prevention to providing mental health consultation and smoking cessation. We are well equipped to take care of a wide range of men’s health issues at our Melbourne clinic – from diagnosis and prevention to treatment and supportive care. This may include but not limited to;

  • Bowel cancer screening – 1 in 11 Australian men are likely to develop bowel cancer once in their lifetime, but it is still one of the most preventable forms of cancer. It might be possible to not notice any symptoms in the early stages of the disease, however, keep an eye on symptoms like persistent change in bowel habits, rectal bleeding unexplained weight loss.Based on your medical history and general health, our doctors will recommend when to start screenings for bowel cancer and how often you must do them.
  • Prostate cancer screening – Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, with over 19,000 new cases diagnosed every year in Australia. There are no accurate screening tests available, which is why early detection is your best chance to prevent and manage prostate cancer.
  • Mental health plans – Considering men are more prone to mental health issues, if you don’t feel right, speak to our doctors today. Our doctors will prepare a Mental Health Treatment Plan after assessing your physical and mental wellbeing. Through the plan, we will identify the best resources to help you get better, and feel better.
  • Heart health check – Men needs more frequent heart health checks than women. If you have any heart health risks, then we recommend getting your blood pressure, blood cholesterol and ECG (Electrocardiogram) done regularly at our men’s health clinic.
  • Diabetes check for men – If you have pre-diabetes, family history of diabetes, being aged 45 and above and obese, then depending on your risk levels, be advised by our doctors on how often a blood glucose test is required and how you can manage a healthy level.
  • Sexual health and STIs Screening – Although safe sex reduces the transmission of STIs, regular testing is the best way to take charge of your sexual health. Learn more about our services on Sexual Health Page.

Other Men’s Health services at our Melbourne practice:

  • Erectile dysfunction and/or other sexual problems
  • Preventive healthcare for men
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Immunisation
  • Injuries 

If you are looking for a reliable men’s clinic in Melbourne, we invite you to book a consultation.

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