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Welcome to South Melbourne Medical Hub

South Melbourne Medical Hub located right in the heart of the community, with doctors at this location who provide patients with a dedicated range of quality healthcare services.

The Doctors consulting at this location are dedicated to providing you and your family with personalised, professional, clinical care across a wide range of medical and support services including paediatric, women’s, men’s and family health as well as immunisation services.

South Melbourne Family Practice has changed its name to South Melbourne Medical Hub. Doctors consulting at this location offer expanded health services to your local community and look forward to offering additional services for your health needs.

How can the Doctors consulting at this location help you?

GP Services

Doctors consulting at this location offer high-quality, accessible and affordable GP services to the heart of South Melbourne.

Women's Health

Women’s health services offered by the Doctors consulting at this location are extensive and tailored to a woman’s lifelong health journey.

Mental Health

You might have a combination of mental health concerns from time to time, but if you fail to recognise and seek help from a GP these concerns can impact on your overall health.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is more than protecting yourself from STIs or avoiding unplanned pregnancies. Good sexual health is as important as your physical and mental health and forms an integral part of your overall well being.


The Doctors consulting from the South Melbourne Medical Hub location offer a full suite of health services. There is nothing they do better than offer quality healthcare when you need it the most. They have always stood to offer first-class and affordable medical solutions to the whole South Melbourne community.

Beyond simple treatment plans, they offer a holistic and integrated approach when it comes to healthcare. The nurses and allied health practitioners are equally committed and passionate and will help you get back on track to live a healthier, fulfilling life.


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